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The Radical Praise Band Project:
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Dear friends of Medjugorje(ah!),

as you might have guessed, our project's intention is to praise and spread the name and the love of Jesus Christ in the first place. In the videoclip you are listening to the "promo"-version of the song. To get yourself a copy of the single "Medjugorjeah!" - meaning a brand new (from the scratch) mixed and mastered track - please follow the links on the top.

50% of all sales will be donated to the "Communita Cenacolo" in Kleinfrauenhaid / Austria (
Greetings and blessings to our friends there! :)

Thanx for Your highly appreciated support!
God bless you all!!!
The Radical Praise Band Project


(Markus Grandegger, Sebastian Fröhlich)

Verse 1:
Every step on the mountain
Takes burden away
It is after the passion
At the cross we stay

Every pearl on the rosary
Makes someone return
Send demons back to hell
Where they shall burn

We all sing Medjugorje
I have found a new home
Mary, Mother of Mercy
Take my life as Yours' - Take it as Yours'

Verse 2:
On our knees, adoration
We're giving our lives
To Jesus - He's the King
He is the Christ

Our sins confessing -
We do the break
When the hearts are open
The earth will shake


Medjugorjeah, Medjugorjo
Everybody come to the Jesus-Flow
I cry for my soul and open my heart
Lord, put together (together) the part


Verse 3:

Brings me to the conclusion
"Dear pilgrims attend!
Maybe you'll need some days
But then you repent

When the people are talking
Just let them be
Don't hesitate to come
It's grace for free!"