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Mirjana's discourse with questions and answers to pilgrims

Content of the article
  1. Part 1 - Overview of Early days
  2. Part 2 - Our Lady's apparitions and messages
  3. Part 3 - Questions and Answers

In her talk to us, Mirjana began by recounting the early days of the apparitions. She did this primarily for those who had never been to Medjugorje before. Any words in italics are mine. The first part of the overview is presented here. Mirjana's words were translated by Miki Musa and therefore are not always grammatically correct but you will get the idea.

Part 1 - Overview of Early days

I would like to invite you to start this meeting with one Hail Mary. My dear friends, I will tell you what I personally consider the most important things which means when the apparitions started, the most important messages and then you will have a chance to ask whatever you may be interested in. Feel free to ask anything because there is no such things as stupid questions. Anything that can help you, feel free to ask, thats the reason why we have gathered here.
Now we'll start from the begining. I'm sorry for those who are not here for the first time but you will have to listen to this again. Just remember and think how it is to me after 27 years !! (laughter)

At that time I was spending every summer with my grandparents here in Bijakoviki because both my parents were born in Bijakoviki, but we lived in Sarajevo. At that summer 1981, I also came to Medjugorje. So June 24th, the St John Baptist feastday Ivanka and me wanted to be alone. We came outside of the village and we were walking along the foot of what we call Apparition hill today. Once we felt tired, we sat down at the foot of the hill in a way that Ivanka was looking towards the hill and I was looking in the opposite direction. And at one moment, just like that, she said to me that " I think Our Lady is on the hill". I didn't even look because for me that was impossible because we grew up under communism of the ex-Yugoslavia. Our practical faith was within our families. Every day we would pray the rosary as a family and we were allowed to go to Holy Mass on sunday only. But our parents never talked to us about faith out of fear, because as children we could go to school and talk about that and our parents could lose their job or lose their home.

So when Ivanks told me that she thinks Our Lady is on the hill, in a little rude wayI responded to her. "yeah, like Our Lady has nothing else to do that she would come to two of us". I intended to go back to the village but as I was nearing the first house, I felt a call within myself to go back. That was such an intense call. So I came back and found Ivanka on the same spot and she said to me "look now please". And I was able to see young woman in long grey dress that was holdiing baby in her arms. Everything was very strange because nobody was climbing the hill. We didn't even have a path that we have today on the hill that was made by the feet of the pilgrims. Especially it was hard to believe there was such a young woman in a grey dress holding baby in her arms. Everything was very strange. And then within myself I was able to feel all possible emotions at that moment: fear, beauty, misunderstanding, if I was alive or dead. What prevailed in me was to run away. And I escaped. When I came home, I said to my grandmother that I think that I saw Our Lady and she said you better take the rosary, go to your room and pray to dear God and let Our Lady be where she is .. in heaven. And thats what I did. I spent the whole night in prayer because it was only in prayer that I was able to have peace.

The next day was like every other day before. I was helping to my uncles and I didn't have chance to meet other visionaries. But around the same time as when I saw Our Lady the day before, I felt a call within myself and I said to my uncles that I simply have to go to the foot of the hill. So they came along with me because they wanted to see what was going on. When we reached the foot of the hill, I could see that half the village was there because with every visionary there was someone from the family who was coming to see what was going on.

We were able to see Our Lady on the same spot but this second day she didn't have baby in her arms. That day, June 25th was the first day when we approached Our Lady. She presented herself to us. She said "Dear children be not afraid, I am the Queen of Peace". And this is how our daily apparitions started. Very shortly we were unable to have apparitions on the hill because as I already mentioned, that was the time under ex- Yugoslavia communism. So soon after the apparitions started the police came with the dogs and they occupied the hill. And whoever would try and climb the hill would simply end up in prison.

However, those first days Our Lady presented a lot of miracles. For example, you could see the word 'MIR' which means peace in Croatian written in the middle of the sky and everybody from the village was able to see that. And the cross on cross hill would simply dissapear and then Our Lady dressed in white would appear and everybody was able to see that as well. And then in those first days, a few miraculous healings. So that the villagers really helped believe to us and then they were helping us. We are having apparition every day in a different spot so that no one could know a day ahead where we would be.

Such a daily apparitions I had until Christmas 1982. That was the day when Our Lady revealed to me me the 10th secret and Our Lady said to me that I wasn't to have her daily apparition any more but that it would be only once a year every 18th March as long as I live. But at the same time Our Lady said that I was going to have some extraordinary apparitions as well. And those apparitions started on August 2nd 1987, still have been lasting and I do not know untill when will I have them. Because Our Lady said that every 18th March as long as I live but these every 2nd on the month, she didn't say until when. On that Christmas 1982 Our Lady said to me that I was supposed to chose a priest to whom I will reveal the secrets and I chose a priest whose name is Fr Petar Ljubicic. I am supposed to tell him 10 days in advance what will happen and where. 7 days we are supposed to spend in fasting and prayer and 3 days ahead of time he is supposed to reveal to the world. He doesn't have a right to chose to say or not to say, he accepted this mission and he has to fulfill that according to God's will.

But Our Lady always says do not talk about the secrets but rather pray because that person who accepts me as a mother and God as a father, that person has no fear of anything. Our Lady says only those people who have not yet come to know the love of God, those people have fear. Because we as human beings always talk about the future. What, when or where will happen? But I always repeat the same thing , who among us here can say for sure that we will be alive tomorrow ? So that what Our Lady has been teaching to us is that at this very moment we should be ready to come before God and not to talk about the future.

Whats going to happen in the future is God's will and our task is to be ready for that. These apparitions on every 2nd of the month that you also had a chance to participate in with me are also like a prayer for unbelievers, but Our Lady never uses that term 'unbelievers'. She always says 'those who have not come to know the love of God yet'. And Our Lady asks our help. When Our Lady says our help she doesn't just mean only us 6 visionaries, but help of all those people who accept her as Mother. Because Our Lady says that we are capable to change unbelievers but only with our own prayer and our own example. She is asking for us to put in our daily prayers a first place for prayers for unbelievers. Because when you pray for them you also pray for yourselves and your own future. Beside our prayer, Our Lady is asking our example. She doesn't ask from us to preach. She would like for us to talk with our own life so that unbelievers can see God and God's love within ourselves.



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