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Jakov talks to pilgrims

Jakov is going to share with us the most important that is about our Lady’s apparitions: And what is the most important, the messages on which Our Lady is calling us here? Apparitions are continuing, are lasting already nearly 25 years. Many people have come here to Medjugorje, they ask themselves, why apparitions are lasting so long ? Why Our Lady has been giving us so many messages? Many people say the messages are many times the same. I always say to everybody, instead of why, we should say thank you. Thanks to God for graces which he gave to us. Thanks to God because he allows Our Lady to be here for 25 years.

Why these apparitions are lasting for such a long period of time? Why Our Lady has been coming here, because for what? If we open up our hearts, we ourselves will be able to realise why. Our Lady is coming here because of all of us. Because she is the mother. She loves us and she wants to bring us towards peace, to joy and peace and joy we can only find in Jesus Christ. That is why Our Lady is giving us her messages. What are Our Lady’s messages? These are only the way showing us how to reach Jesus, how to get to Jesus. And that way Our Lady has been showing us for 25 years. And those that say that Our Lady’s messages are all the time the same, the people who do not live those messages, they say so. If we accepted Our Lady’s messages, if we live them, then we will be able to realise, to find out that Our Lady’s messages are a power, a strength for our life. And they are the answer of all our questions we might have in our life.

And what is Our Lady calling us to here? The messages are the prayer, she wants us for prayer, for conversion, peace, fasting and Holy Mass. In order to be able to accept all Our Lady’s messages, we must do what Our Lady is asking from us. And that is to open up our hearts and to surrender our lives into her hands. Because Our Lady, she said here "Dear Children, its only enough that you open your hearts and I will do the rest”. And I think when all of you, you come here to Medjugorje, first what we have to do here in Medjugorje is to have a Holy Confession, so to begin our pilgrimage here with a pure heart. If our heart is not pure and clean, how we going to be able to accept Our Lady’s call? How can we continue to live with that? The second thing what we have to do here is also to surrender and give our lives to Our Lady, to be ready, to be ready for everything that Our Lady is calling us and to start a new life.

Our Lady says pray, pray, pray the holy rosary. Our Lady says renew the prayer of the rosary, but Our Lady says to us pray, to pray it with your heart. To feel the joy and peace of the prayer Our Lady says turn the prayer into the joy. We cannot pray if we feel that we have to do that. We simply have to feel in our hearts the need for the prayer. Prayer must become our food. But also Our Lady says for the prayer, all your questions will be answered. Many people ask, how we should pray with the heart? That is gift coming from God, gift which God wants to give to each one of us. And what we have to do in order to get that? We constantly have to seek for that gift and God is going to give it to us. Our Lady also says pray together with your families. Place God in the first place and find time for God in your family. If God is together with our family, we are going to have peace in our family, we are going to have love in our family. That means to be Holy family. We should be example to our children. Fr Slavko always used to say, if from the beginning we give our children just the roots of the faith, even if one day they remove themselves from God, they will always return to the faith. And even that little we gave them will stay forever in their hearts.

Our Lady said us to fast, Wednesdays and Fridays on bread and water. Today is Friday, you know, we don’t laugh too much today (laughter). When we say about fasting, Our Lady said to fast out of love and in silence. When people ask why the fasting is so important, we should just remember that it is Our Lady who is calling us to fast. And also we should remember what Our Lady said many, many times. “Dear Children, with prayer and fasting you can achieve everything, you can even stop wars” That is why fasting is important because many times in our lives when we have crosses to carry, many people, they usually say ‘ God, where are you?, why don’t you help me now?’ ‘Why did you forget me?’ But we should ask ourselves one question; where we were then? Was God in our life, in the first place. Did we pray, did we fast? So these are the important questions because God is always with us and he wants to help us all the time. Unfortunately many times, we do not want his presence, through our failures, through our sins.

When you came here to Medjugorje, why did you come here? Its not first of all to see one of the visionaries, also to go around to look for some signs. The biggest sign here in Medjugorje is your conversion, to change your life and to begin a new life. New life with God. And to take it to your homes, Its not important only to say, Oh I was in Medjugorje. Others should recognise Medjugorje in yourself. We should become like living example so that others can see God in us and how he works through us. You know that Our Lady has come here as Queen of Peace, and Our Lady has been inviting us all the time to pray for peace. But Our Lady said first of all to pray for peace in your hearts, If we do not have peace in our own hearts, we cannot do anything. That’s why its important first of all to have peace in our heart and after that to pray for peace in the world. We all know what’s going on today in this world but if Our Lady says that with the prayer and fasting we can stop wars then we should open our hearts and we should start to live what Our Lady has been calling us for.

Jakov then invited some questions:
Q: How does conversion please Our Lady.
A: Conversion is to place God in the very first place in our lives. If we have God then we have everything, then we have answer for everything we are looking for. God will always give us signs what we should do, That means we will know which is the right way to follow, what we have to do. That is conversion. That kind of a conversion Our Lady is asking from us. We should ask ourself if we are converted enough? If conversion so far is pleasing Our Lady? Everyday we should thank to God, for every new day because that is a chance for us to be better. I always say to God ‘thank you God for this day, because that is one more chance for me that I become better’

Q: Do souls suffer badly in purgatory?
A: I think that they suffer. Our Lady has been inviting us that we should pray for the souls in purgatory because they are in need of our prayers. Then for certain that they are suffering. But what we can do for them is pray daily for them. Our Lady gave a mission to Marija the visionary that she should pray everyday for the souls in purgatory. So all of us should pray everyday for the souls in purgatory.

Transcription by Judy



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