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Interview with Vicka Ivankovic by Kresimir Sego

Our Lady Loves us all Equally

In 1981 mankind was divided in two opposing halves in regard to a life of faith. Namely, in communism faith was forbidden and undesirable, so that in many countries few people were practising their faith. In the free noncommunist world faith was not practised much either for conformist reasons; people bent on material goods crave after them ever more, getting away from God more and more. The apparitions in Medjugorje were a call to both to come back to God, to get free?

Our Lady says, "I am the Mother of all people", and she loves us all equally. She does not make distinction between men, that is she does not divide them. It was rather men who made such divisions so that these men have got very far from each other, meaning, first of all, nations, peoples, or origins. But we are all equal before God, for God is one for all. Well, let us take me as an example: I have visions, that is, I speak with Our Lady, but it does not mean she loves me more than others; I personally think she loves us all alike, the only difference being that I have the favour of conversing with Our Lady.

You got to know the Blessed Virgin Mary, God's wishes and demands on us most directly. How, from your experience, do you view the return to God, that is, are men returning to God?

Yes, men are returning to God, and this can lately be seen most clearly by Our Lady's look, for it can really be noticed that she is much happier. But again, on the other side, they are not returning in the number Our Lady would expect and wish.

The Queen of Peace always addresses us with gentleness, even when reprimanding us. However, in this gentleness of a Mother the demands are very strict - strict in terms of conversion, prayer, fasting. In one word, she demands self-denial. How do you see a life of faith?

I couldn't say Our Lady reprimands us, at least not in the true sense of the word. Our Lady always has a smile on her face, but many times I felt she was sad. When she appears, I can always tell whether she is happy or unhappy. She always has mild eyes, and I have never had a feeling that she might be reprimanding us. Her reprimand is maybe her very love, her cherishing us so much.

What charms you most in the apparitions, what fascinates and enchants you most?

Maybe the feeling as if you were no more on earth, as if you were suspended in air.

From the very beginning of the apparitions the visionaries have been in a privileged position for us ordinary believers. You have been initiated into many secrets, you have been shown paradise, hell and purgatory. Vicka, what is it like to live with the secrets that have been confided to you by the Mother of God?

So far Our Lady has given me nine out of ten possible secrets. That is no burden for me, for when she gave me the secrets, she also gave me the strength to cope with them. I live as if I did not have them at all.

Do you know when the tenth secret will be imparted?

No, I don't.

Do you think about the secrets, is it difficult to bear them, are they something of a burden to you?

Yes, I certainly think about them, for the secrets contain the future, but I am not burdened with it.

Do you know when the secrets will be available to people?

No, I don't know that either.

Our Lady has narrated her biography to you. Can you say anything about her life now? When will that be available?

Our Lady has told me all her biography, from birth till Assumption. I could not say anything about it at the moment, for I have no authorization to do so. Our Lady's whole lifetime is contained in three notebooks in which I was putting down what Our Lady was telling me. Sometimes I would write one page, another time two, sometimes only half a page.



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