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Interview with Vicka Ivankovic by Kresimir Sego


Tell me what impressed you most about Our Lady?

Well, I couldn't say anything special. Each time the meeting with Our Lady makes me marvel so much as if it were the first time. I never ask for anything special. But speaking about the details, I can say that it is magnificent to see Our Lady for Christmas when she appears with baby Jesus in her arms. Two years ago she came with the "big" Jesus on Good Friday. He was in wounds all over, in torn clothes and with a crown of thorns on the head. Our Lady says, "I have come for you to see how much Jesus suffered for you", and so we saw Him both when he was a baby and at the moment of his passion, of his death. Well, I point this out because it refers to Jesus, but as for Our Lady, I couldn't single out anything, for all her appearance is simply magnificent.

Will you describe to us the appearance, the figure, the disposition of the Queen of Peace the way you see and experience her?

Each time before Our Lady comes, we see a light three times, which is a sign that she is coming. When she appears, she has a white veil, a crown of stars on her head, her eyes are blue, the hair black, the cheeks rosy; she is hovering in the air on a great cloud, so she does not touch the ground. For some greater festivities, for example Christmas and Easter, or for her birthday, she wears a robe of gold.

Is she a woman from the distant past or is she a woman of our times?

I personally experience her as a person from our times, therefore, as though she were living at this time.

Have people responded to Our Lady's messages, to her calls to conversion, prayer and penance?

Once Our Lady said that there are a lot of people who accept a message, start living it and then they sort of get tired. But she would much prefer, she says, if we accepted a message with the heart and went a step forward without stopping. People accept everything all at once and then stop all at once.

We should accept the messages gradually, start living them and pray, and then we shall not become tired, if we, of course, accept them with the heart. This is a bit more difficult to explain to people. If Our Lady says at this moment, "Pray three rosaries":, she does not mean that we should recite three rosaries the same moment. She first said, "Pray at least seven Our Fathers", after seven Our Fathers she said, "Pray joyful mysteries", but no hurry: today we shall do one mystery, tomorrow another, or today we shall live one Our Father, tomorrow another, etc. Then after half a year she said, "Pray sorrowful mysteries", and in a year we shall pray glorious ones, etc. So, nothing was sudden. At this moment it may seem too much to people, but at that moment it was not much, everything was gradual. Today, when I convey Our Lady's message, that is after fifteen years, I can't say, "You pray a decade today," for I am obliged to report fully what Our Lady says.

Do we know how to hear the messages, are we changing?

We know very well how to hear and understand the message quite well. The trouble is that we resort to the messages mostly when we have some problem, but you see, God even uses that way so He can draw people closer to Himself.

You mean that, through the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary, people are after all growing in faith, that fruits are visible?

Of course. Our Lady says herself that faith is a great gift, and if we want this gift to grow in our heart we have to pray to God daily. For it is not difficult to say, "I believe", for it is only words. A man has to show by his deeds what and how strong he believes.

During her second apparition Our Lady said she was the Queen of Peace. One of the main messages, of the main calls upon people, was the call to peace. How did you, as a young lady then, experience that call to peace, did you understand it, since there was no war here or in Europe at that time?

May I correct you on this point? Namely, at her second apparition Our Lady said, "I am the Blessed Virgin Mary", and a few days later she said, "I am the Queen of Peace and I have come to bring peace". Yes, I myself was puzzled why Our Lady should say, "I have come to bring you peace". For it was rather peaceful in Europe then, and I could not really understand what she meant by that. But Our Lady kept repeating through her messages, "Pray for peace", "Through prayer and fasting even wars may be warded off", etc. We did sometimes hear of wars in Iran and Iraq, but we hardly knew where that was until finally one day this war of ours occurred.

Our Lady said she had been among us for ten full years giving us messages to help her prevent this war, but we failed to respond to her call.

In the present meetings what does Our Lady say about peace or war?

At the moment Our Lady is speaking mostly about the family and young people who are, as I have already said, in a very difficult situation today. She is calling us to peace, too, but to peace of mind, a peace that people are supposed to find by the spirit. Presently, she isn't saying anything about wars.



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