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Interview with Vicka Ivankovic by Kresimir Sego

Visionaries - Carriers of Messages

Vicka, will you please describe what the feeling of a person is that has been meeting with the Mother of God every day now for fifteen years?

This feeling cannot possibly be put in words, for there are no words to describe it. It is something special, a special peace, satisfaction, a joy that cannot be experienced with any man, but only with Our Lady.

Are you and the other visionaries different from the others in your same age group?

I cannot see that we are any different from the others in our same age group. We have been called to be different, yet we also try to be like others. But the important thing is that we are spreading Our Lady's messages because Our Lady has chosen us. We have nothing specially different from other people, but we do have the responsibility to carry out what Our Lady tells.

Why were you and the group of children from your neighborhood chosen to convey Our Lady's messages? Have you ever put this question to yourself, or have you talked about that with the Mother of God?

I could have never dreamt of that. We did ask her once why she had chosen us and she said it had been God's will, not hers.

Tell us what the Queen of Peace wanted of the visionaries and whether what she wanted has been achieved?

Our Lady wants us to be actually the bearers of her messages. I can personally say of myself that I really try to accomplish this mission Our Lady asks of me.

And what did she want of the people?

Our Lady's main messages are that people accept prayer, conversion, fasting, penance and peace. This is what we should accept and live, that is what she wants of us.

Will you describe to us, by what you have learned from the meetings with Our Lady, what a Christian should be like today, what the Mother of God expects?

Our Lady does not expect anything special. She says she is not here to bring new messages, to tell us something new, rather she is here to wake us up, for we had fallen asleep and got away from her message.

So, there is nothing new in all that. We only ought to renew the words of the Scriptures and live by them.

Is the man of today moving towards such a description of a Christian, or is he getting away from it?

Well, it could be said that he's going toward it, but it could still be much better.



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