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The Family in the Messages of Our Lady Queen of Peace

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The Destructive Plans of Satan

The Family must consecrate itself and in holiness defend itself against Satan and his destructive words. He sows the most dangerous seed of evil for the family - hatred and division. This is a cancerous wound, which kills the fundamental essence of human togetherness. On October 25, 1988, Our Lady says, "Satan is strong and, therefore, you little children by constant prayer, press tightly to my motherly heart". Mary is the woman in the Sacred Scripture who, with Her Child, conquers Satan (Gen 3:15 and Revelations12:1-6).

Bishop Milingo, a renowned exorcist, said in a conversation that Mary was the first exorcist. With Her Son, She will conquer Satan. Her Son is not only Jesus, but also every one of us, and Her family is not only the family from Nazareth, but every family. Close to Her Motherly Heart, the individual and the family are protected from the works of destruction. In the message of January 25, 1994, once again She reveals Satan's works and intentions. "In this time Satan wants to create disorder in your hearts and in your families. Little children, do not give in. You must not permit that he leads you and your life." It is his wish, to exempt us from the power of Gods love and to govern with us, with our families, with our feelings and our decisions. There where he takes charge, only ruins remain. Mary, once again, shows Herself as the one who protects us with Her love and Her intercession before God. In so far as individuals and families do not accept Her help and protection, the door is opened to Satan, who tempts so that in the smallest things, faith, hope and love are lost (March 25,1995).



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