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The Family in the Messages of Our Lady Queen of Peace

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The Bible in the Family

The Sacred Scripture is the Word of God directed to mankind. An individual must read it and in this way, come to know God who reveals Himself, His will, His love, His mercy and His forgiveness. Mary desires that the Sacred Scripture be read in the family and that the family pray. Just as it is important for an individual to read the Sacred Scripture, in the same way, it is important for the family community to do so at all levels. He who reads the Sacred Scripture in the family and meditates on the Word of God will know how to pray and to witness, and a family that prays and meditates together will be a family united by the power of the Spirit of God.

The visionaries often repeat that we should read the Sacred Scripture at the beginning of the day, to take a word from it and meditate on it throughout the whole day.

In the message of August 25, 1996, Mary repeats that we should read and meditate on the Sacred Scripture, to pray and to live it. She desires that we put the Bible in a visible place in our family homes. In this way, practically speaking, the Bible, the Divine Word, would see us off when we leave for our daily work, calling us not to forget God and would be the first to greet us when we return home. If every member of the family looks at the Bible before leaving and sees it first of all upon his return, he will create a positive relationship with himself and others, towards his work, towards time and towards eternity.

This desire of Mary reminds us of that what each member of the people of God has done and that of what She too did. In the book of Deuteronomy (6:4-9), it is written, "Hear O Isreal! Yahweh is our God, Yahweh is one! Therefore, love Yahweh with all your hearts, all your souls, and all your strength! Take to heart these words, which I enjoin on you today. Drill them into your children. Speak of them at home and abroad, whether you are busy or at rest. Bind them at your wrist as a sign and let them be as a pendant on your forehead. Write them on the door-posts of your houses and on your gates." This is the prayer that each member of God's chosen people prayed four times daily and in this way, as an individual and as a family, was inevitably in contact with the Word of God.

Let us recall the words of St. Jerome: "Whoever is ignorant of the Scripture is ignorant of Christ."



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