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Articles by visitors of Medjugorje WebSite[EN]

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2. červen 2013 /  Kategorie: Charitativní projekty, Website visitors articles[EN]

By Betty Clarke – April 2013… The email is protected against spambots. You have to enable javascript to see it.

On a recent trip to Medugorje, I was lucky enough to go with a small group of Irish people to visit and attend Mass at the Home of St Joseph for the Elderly, a fifteen minute drive away. This is a residential home for fifty-one residents and has waiting list.

24. prosinec 2007 , Aktualizováno 24. prosinec 2008 /  Kategorie: Free downloads[EN], Website visitors articles[EN], Svědectví, Novinky na stránkách / Autor: Marek Gayer

The Medjugorje Screensaver can be downloaded and used free of charge. It contains photos from section Pictures & Photos taken by Marek Gayer in Medjugorje and also contains selected music tracks from a music album Gospa Oratorio. You can also freely listen to or download the full music album in mp3 format at Gospa Oratorio website and burn your own CD or listen on your MP3 player.

7. září 2008 /  Kategorie: Website visitors articles[EN]
Other languages: English, Italiano

I have received an interesting letter addressed from Elvis to visionary Marija Pavlovic in Italian language, and I provide translation:

Dear webmaster,

I kindly ask you to deliver this message in Marija, because I could not find a direct contact to do it personally.

Thank you for your willingness

12. listopad 2007 , Aktualizováno 20. listopad 2007 /  Kategorie: N/A

Approximately 3 years before the Bosnian war, I dreamt that I went overseas with some friends from work. We were traveling around together but I felt a negative force chasing us to kill us. As we traveled around, there were so much death and destruction, people dying of hunger, others with limbs missing and children left orphaned.

It was as though we were traveling around this map with death and destruction. There were tanks bombing buildings, people being shot or stabbed.


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