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Latest Medjugorje Messages Mail list

  • This service will automatically send to your e-mail address latest Medjugorje messages in the language you will select.
  • The service is currently available only in the following languages:
    English, Čeština, Deutsch, Español, Français, Hrvatski, Italiano, Polski, Português, Slovenčina, Slovenščina, Tiếng Việt
  • In the language you will select, you will always receive latest monthly Medjugorje messages, i.e. those given on 25th of each day.
  • Depending upon availability in selected the language, you may also receive latest, annual messages to Visionaries Mirjana, Ivanka and Jakov and rest messages, namely messages given to Mirjana on 2nd of months.
  • You will also receive monthly newsletter (once per month).

You should set your antispam software to allow any e-mails coming from domain medjugorje.ws

Otherwise, new Medjugorje messages MAY NOT arrive to you, or it will end in the spam folder of your mailbox!

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